• Custom furniture, furniture curtains and fixtures

    Made intaly

    Founded in 1986, over thirty years we guarantee a truly state-of-the-art end result

  • We satisfy the customer's needs at 360 °

    Qualified Staff

    Scrupulously following all the processing steps

  • Private settings, commercial and residential spaces, installations

    modern design

    We develop main themes of intervention relating to spaces, materials, finishes, the choice of furnishings and the care of the image

Our company

Group Di Eleuterio

Founded in 1986, it brings together under one roof three excellences of Made in Italy, three strong activities with many years of experience, three companies - Sdl, Elledi and Lp - engaged respectively in the sectors of custom-made furniture, upholstery and of doors and windows.

Private settings, commercial and residential spaces, installations

All our projects

modern design and innovation in terms
of interior decoration

Stretch ceilings, what are?

technical experts and designers


A modern company that makes use of the skills of technical experts and designers and the reliability of cutting-edge production lines, capable of designing and creating elegant and functional products thanks to the certi fi ed quality of the materials and the originality of the forms, as is agrees to true "Lords of Wood"











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Gruppo di Eleuterio

SP per Tofo S. Eleuterio
64100 – Teramo – Italy

SDL srl

Piane a canfora – Pagannoni
64012 – Campli (TE) – Italy
T. e Fax +39.0861.200434
P.IVA 01585190679

LP Arredi srl

SP per Tofo S.Eleuterio
64100 – Teramo – Italy
T. +39.0861.232012
Fax +39.0861.233718
P.IVA 01619180670

Area Service srl

SP per Tofo S.Eleuterio
64100 – Teramo – Italy
T. e Fax +39.0861.200139
P.IVA 01667960676

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